Geospatial Application Development

Aspire Solutions develops bespoke geospatial applications for web, mobile and desktop platforms. These vary widely depending on the needs and scope of our clients.  See our Track Record for projects we have successfully completed. 

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Custom Geospatial APIs

We specialise in creating custom geospatial APIs for use within client organisations.

APIs (application programming interfaces) are a set of software tools that customise, consolidate and standardise location-based feeds and services (such as street maps, addressing, live traffic, routing, socio-economic data, environmental data, equipment telemetry and other company specific data) into a neat single geospatial toolbox, which allows front-end users/employees to use the system intuitively with ease and minimal training.


Mobile Geospatial Services

We assist clients in extending their geospatial systems beyond the office, using mobile mapping applications, GPS tracking and mobile devices. The application of these mobile maps is varied and includes finding a location, routing around areas, assisting with logistics, managing works orders, provide a means for field data collection and more. 

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System-Needs Analysis and Solution Designs

On a project-by-project basis, we provide business and system-needs analyses that culminate in a sound understanding of our clients’ requirements for geospatial services and technologies. Based on these requirements, we design, develop and document solutions for these needs.


Consulting and Strategic Advice

Both as part of our solutions and as a stand-alone service, we assist companies and government institutions in applying geospatial technologies within their organisations. We assist in ensuring that client initiatives are properly aligned to business processes and yield a return on investment.

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System Implementation, Training and Support

We assist companies with the commissioning of new geospatial systems and processes within their organisations. We train customer staff on the use of the systems and if required, offer ongoing technical and user support.


Provision of Spatial Datasets

We have agreements in place with providers of local and international base-map datasets which we use in our software. These datasets include street map data, address and property data, retail and lifestyle data, as well as census and other socio-economic data. For projects that require client-specific data, we produce, convert and manipulate custom geospatial data.





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